Outward Bound was founded in 1941 to give young men the confidence to survive if their ships went down in the North Atlantic. The model was so successful that when the war was over, young men from commerce and industry were sent on courses with remarkable results.

Now we have girls and boys as young as 11 years of age participating in Outward Bound. While some things have changed, what remains the same is the unique adventure and personal journey each participant experiences. Every story is an adventure worth reading - and worth sharing - here.

What was your biggest Outward Bound challenge? Do you have a humorous or poignant story to tell? Have you used the skills and confidence from Outward Bound to help you in life?  We would love to hear your experience of Outward Bound.

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  • 10th March 2015

    Fond memories of this physical and mentally challenging course. Arriving from Army Apprentice College, Deepcut, Camberly after recommendation by the college, preparation saw a visit to the river Thames where we had to jump in...

  • 10th March 2015

    My own story is very different from most others here.
    I was introduced to outdoor pursuits as a Boy Scout and by the age of sixteen, I was a keen Hill Walker and Caver.
    I went on to join Caving and Mountaineering...

  • 3rd March 2015

    I decided to write My Story following a visit to the Outward Bound Trust in Eskdale. I was on a rare visit to England after leaving for Australia in 1970.

    The course I attended was of 4 week duration in June/July 1968...